Bono gives peace concert at Kyiv Metro station and visits bombed cities – Marca English

Irish singer Bono, from the group U2, gave a concert at a Kyiv subway station on Sunday, during which he praised Ukraine’s struggle for “freedom” and called for peace to come soon.

From the platform of a subway station in the Ukrainian capital, the legendary musician, 61, and guitarist The Edge, performed several classics of the group, such as “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “Desire” or “With or without you”.

“The people of Ukraine are not only fighting for their own freedom, they are fighting for all of us who love freedom,” the singer said.

Bono also made reference to the conflicts that have plagued his country, Ireland, and the problems that have been triggered with its powerful British neighbor.

“We pray that they will soon enjoy some of this peace,” he added.

He visited bombed-out areas

Just a month after releasing his song Walk on Ukraine, dedicated to Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion, Bono visited some of the areas most affected by the invasion, he said, at the request of President Volodymir Zelenski, with whom he will meet later.

At the shelled Borodyanka, after reading a poem next to the statue of Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, he expressed confidence that the young people of Russia will change and throw out President Putin.

People applauded Bono

The unexpected performance by Bono — who throughout his career has been involved in many causes, including the fight against poverty and AIDS — took place as anti-aircraft sirens wailed in Kiev and fighting raged in the east of the country.

At one point during the concert, Bono invited a Ukrainian soldier to sing a version of “Stand by Me”.

Among the small audience at the performance were members of the Ukrainian armed forces. “It’s some good emotions, that’s all,” said one of them.

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