Change your Looks and Level Up || New Year Glow up

✨Level up and change your looks with this 2022 Glow up challenge✨

Glow-ups are not just about maximizing your looks, they are also about feeling better and enjoying your life. If you feel good, you look good and this challenge will be touching various points centred around wellness, health, and beauty.

Welcome! I’m Micah, a certified stylist, a fashion designer, and a woman of color (Afrolatina) trying to share my knowledge regarding style to help other dark-skinned women with their fashion journey of self-discovery. 💖

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Time Stamps:)

0:00 Wellness, health, and beauty
2:18 Inspiration and resetting
5:25 Listen to your body
7:32 Own your environment
9:33 Pamper yourself
11:22 Maximize your looks

Music by HoobeZa
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  • Cocoa Styling - For Dark Skin Women

    ✨Glow up challenge 2022✨

    Part 1: Inspiration And Resetting
    1. Have A Relaxation Day.
    2. Make A Moodboard.
    3. Make An Inspiration Playlist.
    4. Get In Contact With Your Friends.
    5. Set Small But Meaningful Goals.


    Part 2: Take Care Of Your Body
    6. Drink Water.
    7. Try To Eat Cleaner.
    8. Exercise.
    9. Get / Practice A Hobby. (Bonus Points If It Doubles As Exercise)
    10. Go Outside And Enjoy The Outdoors.


    Part 3: Own Your Environment
    11. Get An Incentive
    12. Declutter One Room In Your House
    13. Change Your Bedsheets
    14. Deal With An Unresolved Task
    15. Check Your Toiletries.


    Part 4: Pamper Yourself
    16. Get A Comfortable Set For Lounging
    17. Take Yourself On A Date.
    18. Spa Day / Night
    19. Get Yourself Flowers.


    Part 5: Maximize Your Looks
    20. Hair Spa Day.
    21. Get A Skin Care Routine
    22. Remove Body Hair.
    23. Shape Your Eyebrows.
    24. Emphasize Your Lashes.
    25. Hydrate Your Lips.
    26. Nail Day
    27. White Teeth
    28. Signature Fragrance.
    29. Buy An Outfit.


    30. Journal Your Experience *Optional*

  • Mis k

    Hi! I’m a black woman and from your videos I’ve realised that I’m a dark autumn with warm undertones. I wear a hijab. My hair is black and so are my eyes and I have that dark autumn contrast. But whenever I wear a black hijab, it drains all the colour from my face and makes me look tired and older. So I’ve decided to buy a brown hijab (one that isn’t the same colour as my skin) and it works soo much better (thanks to your videos). I just really miss that contrast between my black hair and brown skin and feel I look a little unbalanced and don’t have that pow factor anymore lol. What do you recommend to solve this? It’s so hard to figure this out especially being a hijabi. I thought maybe making the rest of my outfit contrast against each other would help? Thank you so much!


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