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3 replies on “How to Find Your Personal Style | Highlowluxxe“

  • Denise Oates

    I could not understand the free clipboard thing you kind of mentioned as an alternative to Pinterest but I kept playing video over and over again and I still not sure what you said, and I don’t see the link in your description. When I am feeling my worst I am wearing my bed and the covers over my head. Teehee! Let it go, let it goooooo, you not wearing that anymore, let it go. The figuring out wearing it 3 ways, should that be figured out before you go out to intentionally purchase it? And is that board something that could be used just for category garment pieces styled to help us figure it out? Like a midi/maxi skirt different way? Practice/playing around with your garments, I guess could fall under planning to? Do you think we should store some looks together so it all there and ready to go? I’m one of your oldies but still trying to be a goody when it comes to keeping the look fresh, a friend of mine was on the phone with me and complimenting that she like how I dress but since I retired, I told her it a struggle because I gotten relax (and gain weight) because 1 covid and 2 nowhere to go and when it is time to go someplace that I really spend a lot of time getting that look together and that is why I never do the makeup and hair thing (this is what she fuss at me about, that I don’t spend time on makeup and hair, she right tho). I really like your last suggestion and it totally makes sense and that what I will be taking away to master from these tips, and I would love to know about where to find that board you were using to demonstrate your style clips. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you and all in the new year.

  • I style liz

    I just stop purchasing clothes just because I realize my life style is work,home,pick up children from school and grocery store.
    So I can just repeating the same look.I love to dress


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