HOW TO MAKE FUR BOOTS ? $20 No-Sew Fluffy Fur Boots! How to make fur boots with hot glue


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Hey dolls!!! In today’s video, I will show you how to make fur boots. We will make no sew, fluffy fur boots using hot glue!! These DIY fur boots are so easy to make. This is definitely a beginner friendly DIY. Even if you have never used a hot glue gun before, you will be able to make these fluffy fur boots so easily sis. I honestly might have to make another pair of these fur boots because it was so cheap, so easy, and so satisfying when they are done!! I love these fur boots sooo much and the best part is that I got the fur boots I wanted for $20 instead of $100! If you make these diy fur boots, make sure to dm me pictures on Instagram so I can share them in my next videos and give you a shout out!!

I hope you enjoy dolls!! Much love xoxo happy gluing.

-Diamond K.

– Cheap or old boots. Mine came from wal-mart for $19.98
– 1/2 yard of fur fabric from your local craft store. I got this fur at Joann’s Fabrics for $7

-Hot glue gun. You can get these at most stores like Walmart target etc. I use a low temp glue gun because I am accident prone. Make sure you use clear glue sticks so it dries clear. I would get a lot just so you don’t have to be stingy with the glue. You want these to last.

– Wax Paper. I guess this is optional, however it is the best route to cut out your patterns with ease and is super cheap.

– Scissors


Remember when cutting to brush the fur down in the direction it naturally lies and cut SLOWLY in the direction the fur is going. Cut with the grain NOT against the grain if that makes sense. Take this part seriously or you will not be happy with your results. Cutting definitely took the longest and most energy out of the whole project but this was still a dumb easy DIY project.

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