Italian Maximalism Aesthetic Guide

Welcome! I’m Micah, a certified stylist, a fashion designer, and a woman of color (Afrolatina) trying to share my knowledge regarding style to help other dark-skinned women with their fashion journey of self-discovery. 💖

This video is about Italian fashion and style, I previously talked about the Parisian Chic Style. That one is more related to minimalism, while the Italian Extravaganza is linked to maximalism. It can be described as maximalism with a Mediterranean touch.

If you want to find your style it is helpful to know the bases of each one of them, this is why I make these videos. This is a fun style that will help you experiment with lots of options. This one is great if you are into streetwear or into boujee fashion. It’s not the best for capsule wardrobes, but it is guaranteed that you will make a statement.

Parisian Chic video:

My playlist with other style breakdowns:

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Time stamps:)
0:00 Parisian Chic vs Italian Maximalism
1:44 Italian brands
2:28 Guide to Italian Maximalism
6:53 Wardrobe essentials
Music by HoobeZa
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