Click here for the UFO 2. Like I mentioned, you can use your own skincare or grab a few of the masks from the site (I love the hyaluronic acid one)


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Hair stylist – Bianca at @HairThrone
Self tan – Loving tan
My couch (in oyster) –
My blow dryer –

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Height 5’5″
Waist 24″
Shoe size 6



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  • Giirly Giirl

    Thank you so much for being so raw This is a very hard holiday for me too. I’m a cancer patient, been through 2 bone marrow transplants. My body rejected my donor and now have chronic graft vs host disease. It then intern caused me to get scleroderma. My whole body turn to like a piece of stone and can not move. I feel like I drank cement and it hardened inside me and now the body is hardened in the shape I laid in a hospital bed. I’ve tried every medication/treatment available and nothing helped me. Just last month a new drug came about and they are doing trials to see if it will,help people like me. I feel grateful I was chosen to be apart of the trial. It’s very scary because they know nothing about the drug. It’s side effects or any long term stuff. But, it could be a medical break through and I get it way sooner. I also look,at it like everything I’ve been through, treatments, medication, transplants etc. wouldn’t have been possible for me if someone else didn’t participate in the trial to let them learn about the drug/treatment and advance medical. If I can give back and help others it gives me peace. Anyway, the trial, going through the treatment, trying to stay hopeful is all consuming me as well and Christmas is not really what I’m thinking about. I really didn’t want it to be Christmas right now.. I think about you and Ryan all the time and pray for you. You got this…I was sooo happy seeing your Instagram post today❤️ Merry Christmas to you & Ryan and many blessings in 2022 for the both of you XO


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