Click here for the UFO 2. Like I mentioned, you can use your own skincare or grab a few of the masks from the site (I love the hyaluronic acid one)


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Hair stylist – Bianca at @HairThrone
Self tan – Loving tan
My couch (in oyster) –
My blow dryer –

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Height 5’5″
Waist 24″
Shoe size 6



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  • Stephanie

    Thank you for being so raw and real. There is too much toxic positivity online. No one’s life is perfect, it’s ok to struggle. It’s ok to not be happy sometimes. A close friend of mine went through IVF and it was an extremely difficult time in her and her husband’s life. It is so hard on your mind, body, and soul. The ups and downs, the hope and disappointment. It’s alot. It’s ok to not be in the Christmas spirit. We often forget that Christmas is not a jolly or magical time for so many ppl due to struggles, mental health challenges, traumatic memories, grief, loss…it’s ok to not be happy at Christmas time. Sending you lots of love and hoping you find moments of peace and comfort ❤.

    Also sidenote..I have similar thick, course, curly hair and I’ve had it in a bob just past my chin for years. If you get the right cut with the appropriate texturizing and layers you can totally pull it off. You have a gorgeous face and could rock any length!

  • Andrea Taylor

    Hi, daughter of a dermatologist here. I won’t judge your skincare habits, (people hate that), but, I will just point out that nothing can actually “open” or “close” (or tighten) your pores. So just don’t be tricked into products that claim to be able to do this. 🙂


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