I've been struggling…finally sharing

I’m just been really struggling lately. Things could always be so much worse, but I still thought I’d share some details of what’s been going on. Maybe it’ll make you (or others watching) feel not so alone. Life isn’t perfect and we all deal with something!! I’m so thankful for you all though…truly!!!

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3 replies on “I've been struggling…finally sharing

  • Judy Reid

    I totally empathize! You are so right, teeth issues affect your entire body. Eye and foot probs too. I wish they were made to last a lifetime without issues. Thank you for sharing. Feel better!

  • NJB

    Shea, I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with this issue for so long! Anything with our teeth is usually never pleasant. No, you are not alone! We all have our “stuff” that we go through. You have been going for so long, and I can’t imagine how tough it’s been for you and your family. You’re so young! My sister had her wisdom teeth pulled in 1979, just so you know how things have progressed over the years…that being said, her Dentist pulled them when one was infected. Never gave her an antibiotic. Her entire face broke out to what appeared to be boils. (Sorry, not trying to be so graphic). My poor Mom was beside herself because no one knew what was wrong with her, or how to clear it up. To make a long story short, she is well, scarred, but well. I guess my point being, sorry, I can get distracted! LOL I know you’re getting the best help out there. Times have changed, thank God! Everyday there are new things coming out I’m sure! Hang in there, you’re doing great, you look beautiful! I know it’s got to be so tough, I feel for you. I’m praying all this will be over for you soon, and you don’t have to suffer any longer, and you can EAT! I know you do, but, it’s hard when you worry, what’s going to happen when I try this, etc. You’re such a beautiful person, and you’re so bubbly and sweet. Hang in there Shea, I’m sure you have a lot of people praying for you! Now you have another! Take care, big hug, Nancy

  • Alyvia Christensen

    Very sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I broke a tooth as a child and still have dreams about teeth. 😳 So this is controversial, I know, but I have recently seen a few people who were formerly vegan talk about adding meat back into their diet because of teeth related issues. I seem to recall you saying you don’t eat much meat. Maybe something to look into.


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