I've been struggling…finally sharing

I’m just been really struggling lately. Things could always be so much worse, but I still thought I’d share some details of what’s been going on. Maybe it’ll make you (or others watching) feel not so alone. Life isn’t perfect and we all deal with something!! I’m so thankful for you all though…truly!!!

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3 replies on “I've been struggling…finally sharing

  • Nicole Pucel

    Shea, I am so sorry you have been struggling with this. My husband has a lot of teeth issues, also. I need to get my front two and bottom two crowned. I just haven’t wanted to. I know his is totally worse than mine. My dentist just really wants to fix them.

  • Hanna Doucette

    So sorry you’ve been struggling with this for so long! It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, someone will always have it worse and that does not invalidate what you’re going through at all! I’ve had some really painful experiences with my teeth and ears and it’s impossible to explain how exhausting it is unless someone has actually experienced it themselves. Hoping you can get some relief from this soon! 💕

  • Tiny

    Hi Shea, have been following you for sooo long, and I can say you have been such a wonderful personality all through these years, and this video makes it very very real. I feel you, your pain is real and its deep. I had to to remove my four molars and it killed me each time. Dental issues don’t look so big, but God! They are sooo underrated. Its pure pain. I hope your issues get resolved permanently and quickly. I will pray for you. Thanks for being you and don’t feel guilty about your problems. They are real and they hurt. Everybody is dealing with something, but your attitude is good, as you are very grateful for all your blessings. God bless and stay strong.


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