I've been struggling…finally sharing

I’m just been really struggling lately. Things could always be so much worse, but I still thought I’d share some details of what’s been going on. Maybe it’ll make you (or others watching) feel not so alone. Life isn’t perfect and we all deal with something!! I’m so thankful for you all though…truly!!!

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3 replies on “I've been struggling…finally sharing

  • Sarah Hunt

    Thank you for sharing, Shea. I hope you can get to a point where your mouth feels good and you can eat well. I know I have some really bad teeth issues, but I’m so afraid to go to the dentist, because I know I can’t afford to pay for what they will need to do. I have a tooth that had a root canal 15 years ago, and it has broken out and I have a hole in my gum where it used to be. I know I have at least 4 cavities. My front bottom teeth are sore and almost feel loose. I know it’s terrible. I’m just so scared to go and get a bill to have it worked on. I hope and pray for financial security one day so I can have my teeth worked on. Thanks for being open about it.

  • Nan Benton

    Somewhere along the line someone pushed your Perfect button. Sure, I envy your skinniness, there are supplements that are yummy. You can put a steak in the nutriblender. I had all my teeth replaced due to bulimia so I learned to drink all my food.

  • Ann Suk Wang

    Thank you for sharing and being real. Yes, everyone has something! It’s ok to be you: hard stuff, joy, whatever. Thank you for your service of sharing ALL that you do. It’s tough to be a public personality. Just be you 😉 If there are a few who don’t like it, they can just go elsewhere. Blessings!


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