I've been struggling…finally sharing

I’m just been really struggling lately. Things could always be so much worse, but I still thought I’d share some details of what’s been going on. Maybe it’ll make you (or others watching) feel not so alone. Life isn’t perfect and we all deal with something!! I’m so thankful for you all though…truly!!!

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3 replies on “I've been struggling…finally sharing

  • Gizeth Jimenez

    Hello I hope my comment makes you feel better someway. I have other very painful health issues but one that takes a lot of me is my teeth, I am missing 18 dental pieces and is not covered by Medicare, I am having hard time and I don’t have the money to fix it, I am a disabled person. My point is that to cheer up yourself every time you feel down is that you have the financial resources to fix your problem even if you have to go through a lot, you still have the hope to fix it. Be thankful for that and take it like a way to encourage yourself to keep going. Thank for sharing with us. You are not alone.

  • Suzy Q

    Wow, I hope you get better soon, yes we all struggle here and there but we need to keep dealing with the problem until it gets solved. Keep your chin up, you’ll get better before you know it. God bless you!

  • Linda Morrill

    I am so sorry that you are having these issues and for such a long time. I can understand for all the years you had these problems that it’s bubbling up and you just you’re so tired of it you’d like it to go away. You need to get on the video every now and then and just let it out. I hope soon you can get past these issues.


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