I've been struggling…finally sharing

I’m just been really struggling lately. Things could always be so much worse, but I still thought I’d share some details of what’s been going on. Maybe it’ll make you (or others watching) feel not so alone. Life isn’t perfect and we all deal with something!! I’m so thankful for you all though…truly!!!

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3 replies on “I've been struggling…finally sharing

  • KRYSTAL Cooke

    I wonder if where you live there is not enough fluoride in the water. Or do you drink strictly bottled water and use “natural toothpastes that don’t have fluoride and may contain charcoal????

  • Tammy Leetzow

    Ohhh Shea, I so needed this! I’ve been going through my own thing but am still an upbeat happy go lucky 52 yr old 😱 Ironically enough the other day I wondered if ppl like Shea go through things!? Thank you for sharing! On a side note my mom went through something similar with her teeth and she’s doing so much better! It’ll be ok sweet girl! God bless you and all the wonderful things you do 🙏💕


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