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“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver opened his Sunday show by talking about former President Donald Trump announcing his support for Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary.

Oliver began with a crack about Oz living in New Jersey and taping his show directly across the studio from his. After building an alligator flipping someone off, he placed the statue in the hallway to face Oz’s office for a not-so-subtle message.

There was then a video of Oz shopping at what he said was Wegner’s, which is a store in Mifflinburg, PA. At first, it sounded like perhaps he mispronounced Wegman’s, which is all over Pennsylvania. As it turns out, Oliver explained it was actually Redner’s, which is on the sign above his head.

Either way, Oz explained his wife wanted to make “crudité” so he was picking up vegetables. After picking up some veggies, pre-made guacamole and pre-made salsa, he explained it was a whole $20 just to make crudité.

“Secondly, what is that slap-dash crudité nightmare there?” asked Oliver. “No bell peppers? No celery? And where the hummus? A crudité platter requires a thick dip, Mehmet! If the dip ain’t thick, the dip don’t stick! I can only imagine his wife’s face when he brought those groceries home, except I don’t have to because it probably looks something like this.”

Oliver harkened back to an earlier joke about how annoyed Oz’s wife was that she was at a Pittsburg sports game of some sort.

Then there’s the matter of Dr. Oz’s obsession with gas prices. In one Tiktok video he posted, the Republican revealed that he has to fill up on gas “every other day.” He also explained that he always picks “the middle” grade of fuel for his SUV.

“Oh! That’s almost $5! That’s crazy,” Oz explains, looking at the pump. It’s actually $4.75 for the mid-grade at a Shell station, a company that is generally more expensive for “pure” gas and neglects some of the grocery store gas points he could be utilized if he actually cared about saving money like a regular American. A veggie platter at Wegman’s is a little over $9 and their hummus is $2.89.

Dr. Oz has a net worth of over $104 million, so it’s a little odd to hear someone like that complaining about gas prices like he’s the everyday Joe, somehow driving over 100 miles every day.

But Oliver thinks he knows why Dr. Oz is posting so many of the videos about gas prices.

“So, it’s a little weird for him to act like it’s specifically straining his budget. But maybe he’s only posting those videos to push down less relatable videos further down his page,” said Oliver. “Like, I don’t know, this one.”

He showed Oz’s video “surfing” in Italy. It was actually him standing on a kind of skiboard and being pulled by a boat. Water skiing is with two skis, one ski is just as narrow as regular water skis, requiring more balance. But in Oz’s case, it looks like a vary large, fat kind of surfboard that your feet are clipped into. The video plays along with the song “My Life Be Like (Ooh Ahh),” by Grits featuring TobyMac.

“Cool,” Oliver said with his signature deadpan. “That is Dr. Oz, wake surfing with the caption ‘Surfin’ through #Italy like.’ And the truth is, that’s what his life be like, because he’s f*cking rich, which means he gets to do stuff like that. But what he doesn’t get to do, though, is stand in front of gas pumps and pretend he’s personally affected by those numbers.”

Oliver also cited Trump’s claim that being in television for 18 years is “like a poll” and it means “they like you.” As someone who’s been on television for 16 years, Oliver called that factually incorrect. He explained that there are still YouTube comments asking when he’ll get off television and why he looks so “sick.” To be clear, he said he doesn’t know.

See the rest of Oliver’s mockery of Oz below at the 33-minute mark:

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