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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrive at the High Court as libel hearing continues

Opening statements have concluded on day one of Johnny Depp’s multi-million defamation lawsuit against his former wife, Amber Heard, which began in Virginia on Monday morning with jury selection.

Seven jurors and four alternates were picked to hear the case. He claims a 2018 article written by Heard in The Washington Post – in which she spoke about domestic violence towards women – implied Depp, her former husband, was an abuser.

Although the 35-year-old did not name the actor, lawyers for Depp say Heard’s allegations have made it difficult for the 58-year-old to land roles he previously did.

Depp is known for starring in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Sweeny Todd and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Heard has appeared in titles including Aquaman and Drive Angry.

He is asking for $50m (£38.2m) in damages during the trial in Fairfax County’s district courthouse. Heard has meanwhile filed a counterclaim of defamation against Depp, who she divorced from in 2017, for nuisance.

Depp has previously lost a defamation case in the UK against British newspaperThe Sun regarding the claims in Heard’s 2018 article.


Court takes afternoon break

Court will be back in session at 3.30pm EST.

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Depp’s sister describes Heard’s insults towards actor

She said that she had seen Heard “be nice” to Depp, and was then asked if she had seen Heard be “not nice” to her brother.

“This one really stayed with me. On one occasion I was at the office, I had a meeting with Dior who wanted to sit with Johnny and talk about working together. Amber had come in and asked if she was interrupting, we said no, Johnny told Amber that I had just had a meeting with Dior and they were interested in him,” she said.

“Her reaction to that was that she was in disbelief and sort of disgust, and she said ‘Dior ? Why would Dior want to do business with you? They are about class and style and you do not have style.’ It was an insulting kind of taking away that one moment, that insult was there.

“I have seen the insults, multiple times actually. She called him an ‘old, fat man.’ I believe he heard her call him that.”

In 2013, Depp was working with Keith Richards on a documentary, and Heard was there as well.

“I was right next to her, I hugged her and was standing next to her, it was a small set. I did not see anything (marks or physical injuries).

“They were fine. She was laughing and happy and holding his hand and leaning on him, hugging him. It was mostly her hugging.”

She was asked when she learend that Depp and Heard were going to get married.

“There was a wedding celebration put together on the island, so they had a wedding ceremony on the island, but prior to going to the island they actually got married in Los Angeles as they couldnt actually do it it with paperwork on the island.”

She said that she was “scared” and “devastated” when she heard that Depp was marrying Heard.

“I actually tried to talk him into just waiting a little bit longer and not rushing. There had been conversations about a pre-nuptial agreement that had been going on for a while, and as the date approached for the island ceremony there was no success in the pre-nuptial conversations, I knew it was important to him for his children and we were rushing to do something without his children being protected.”

She said that Depp’s side had wanted a pre-nup in place, but that they never agreed or signed one.

“Amber did not sign it,” she said.

She told the court she had attended the LA wedding and the ceremony in the Bahamas.

“At the actual ceremony in Los Angeles, they had it at my mom’s hosue, at that ceremony I didn’t have occasion to speak to Amber, I don’t think she wanted to speak to me on that day.”

She said that she heard Heard talking about whether they should leak the information about the marriage, and Heard has asked her opinion on that and she todl her that she did “not know why” they would leak it.

“On the island where she was actually extremely friendly when I got there, if I am honest I debated going, I didn’t really want to but I took my dad, he wanted to go, and I wanted to show up to make sure that my little brother knew I was always going to be around no matter what. Amber was very friendly, it was a very big day for her.”

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She was then asked about Amber Heard being on the set of The Rum Diary.

“When she was working on set i mostly observed, in between scenes, she was a bit sort of standoffish, had all sorts of people around her, I did not have that much time with her on set.”

She said that the next time she saw Heard was during promotion for the movie in 2011 and at the premiere.

“I saw Johnny and Amber seated toigether, talking quite a bit, she seemed very friendly that night.”

She said that she later found out that the pair were romantically linked.

“I didn’t spend a tremendous time with her. Look, I didnt know her very well, and I would spend time, she would come to my mom’s house, I sat with her and my mom.”

She was asked about Depp and heard starting to live together.

“I believe they had moved downtown to the Eastern Columbia Building. It is apartments and he had the penthosue apartment and top floor. I think it was five apartments.”

She said that friends of Depp and Heard’s had lived in the apartments, as well as Heard’s sister. She said that none of them had paid any rent to Depp.

“I believe they were Amber’s family and friends, that is why he let them live there,” she said.

“He pretty much stayed down there, he did not come back to where we were in West Hollywood, unless he had a reason to.

“He was always in a hurry when he was able to come back, he could never sit and spend the time, you know. It always felt like he was trying to get back downtown, he seemed so much sadder and not himself, his person was just sadder.”

She described what she had seen when her brother was with Heard and she said the couple had travelled together.

And she said she always booked an extra hotel room on their trips “because if Johnny was at home if they argued he was able to leave the argument and go, like he has always done and hide in a different room to get away from it. When they were travelling and we booked hotel rooms I wanted to make sure there wa an extra room because it was not unusualk forthem to have an argument and I wanted there to be an extra room,” she said.

She said that it was her idea to book that extra room.

“I saw a repeat happening. When we were kids and arguments and fighting happened our first thing was to go and hide, since I recognised what felt to me to be a repeat pattern from his childhood I wanted to make sure there was a plce he could do just that.”

She said she had never done the same thing during Depp’s 14-year marriage to Ms Paradis, and that she had never seen any arguments or physical altercations between Depp and Heard.

“To me he was always trying to make her happy. He always made effortto make her happy. I think she had a very strong personality and my brother’s poersonality came off much more soft at that point to me.”

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Johnny Depp’s older sister says he was “great” with his own children

She then told the court about Johnny Depp’s marriage to Vanessa Paradis and her relationship with their kids, Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp.

“It was great, it was normal, happy family, I would go there and the kids were playing, everyone wa having dinner, cleaning up, sitting around together, laughing,” she told the court.

She said that Depp was “one of the most devoted fathers that i think I have ever seen. Everything in life was abotu the children but when he was with the kids the attention he gave them was constant, playign with them, listening to them, reading with them parties, you name it he wa there.”

She said she had never seen Depp treat his children the way his mother had treated him, and she had never seen Depp hit his children, or even raise his voice at his childen.

She added that his relationship with Ms Paradis, a French singer, was “happy and normal.”

“They got along great,” she said.

And she said Ms Paradis had never made any claims that Depp had subjected her to physical abuse.

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Johnny Depp’s older sister takes stand

Ms Dembrowski recalled her mother overdosing on “nerve” pills when their father eventually left her, and that Depp had seen her taken away in an ambulance.

She said that Depp eventually left the family home and came to live with her and another family, although they continued to communicate with their mother.

“She was our mom and we loved her. We knew even when we were younger that they did not feel right, but we understod that mom had her own upbringing and past and that affected the way she lived, in our minds she was doing the best she could do with the tools that she was given from her life in the past. What we decided to do was to get new tools and chose different tools than that.”

She said that Depp eventually moved her mother to Palm Springs in California because of her health issues.

She said that in 2011 her mother was living in Kentucky and had final stage Parkinsons disease and Depp flew to California to pick her up and brought her to Los Angeles to see doctors and to live.

She said they had hired around the clock private nurses to take care of her, “Johnny took all financial responsibility for anything mom could need or want at this time.”

She said their mother lived in one of Depp’s homes that he owned on his street.

And she said that Depp did not want to send their mother to a hospice.

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Johnny Depp’s older sister takes stand

Christi Dembrowski told the court that she and Depp were born in Kentucky before moving to Florida, with Depp the youngest member of the family.

“Johnny and I were very close, with having an older brother and sister we were the two younger ones, we were together all the time we played together, we played Batman and Robin. He will be embarassed at me saying this but we practiced karate kicks together, we were best friends,” she told the court.

“He was a shy, sweet little boy, he had a very caring personality but also was a little bit of a clown, he loved to play tricks on us or try to scare us, he was a typical and happy little boy. “

She described their parents as “complicated.”

“Our parents were two completely different personalities, our father was a kind, patient, loving and gentle man, our mom was the opposite very high strung and nervous, anxiety and angry. Mom would scream and yell at him, hit him, call him names. Dad never reacted when mom would hit him or scream at him. Basically, he would let her scream and get it out or hit and be done. The way he dealt with my mom, he always tried to keep the peace, he never wanted to engage in anything, he would step back and would try and take vare of anything she was angry about.”

She said that she and her brother “would run and hide” to “get away from it.”

And she said there was a similarity with how she treated her husband and her kids.

“She called us names, we each had our own set of special names. Mine was Violet, that is my father’s mother and my mom hated my father’s mother. She had a few for Johnny, her favourite was ‘one eye’ and she called him that as when he was young the doctors thought he had a lazy eye and would put a patch on his good eye to strengthen the other one. He did not respond in any negative way. They were a way of life, we got used to them. We accepted all of it.”


She told the court that their mother had got “physical” with the children.

“She would hit us, she would throw things, she would get us to take a switch off a tree and that is what she would hit us with It had to be nice and green, if it was not a nice greeen switch it would snap, they did not break. They don’t work the same. “

She said that he mother had got angry with Johnny and she had seen her hit her brother.

“He was a typical little boy where if it hurt he would cry for the most part, he just wanted to get away from her.”

She said he never hit his mother back as a younger boy, or when he grew up.

“When he was older even if she hit or threw things he never went to that place, he would get away and leave the area. “

She said that she and her brother had vowed to never act in the same way their mother had.

“We vowed to do things differently,” she said.

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Johnny Depp smirks as court hears he’s obsessed with Elon Musk

Johnny Depp smirked in a Virginia courtroom when a lawyer for Amber Heard suggested that the Hollywood star was “obsessed” with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Depp has brought a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit in Virginia against his former wife, claiming that a 2018 article on domestic violence she wrote for The Washington Post implied he was an abuser.

The actor appeared to stifle a laugh during opening statements in the case, when Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, told the civil jury of 11 people that “Johny Depp is obsessed with Elon Musk.”

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Court is back in session after lunch break

Jury of 11 people being brought back into Virginia court room after morning’s opening statements.

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Amber Heard accuses Johnny Depp of sexual assault in new claims at trial

Explosive new allegations have been made by Amber Heard about her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, during the opening arguments of his defamation trial.

Ms Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, claimed that Mr Depp sexually assaulted Ms Heard using a liquor bottle during a black-out drunk episode.

Mr Depp was visibly skeptical as Ms Bredehoft made the claims, and shook his head “no” after her comments.

Graig Graziosi has the story.

Graeme Massie12 April 2022 18:41


Depp to testify as lawyers claim Amber Heard a ‘compulsive liar’

The legal team representing Johnny Depp in the defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard has made their opening statements. Mr Depp’s attorneys painted Ms Heard as a compulsive and chronic liar who used the allegations she made against the actor as a means to advance her own career.

Oliver O’Connell12 April 2022 18:30

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