Kris Jenner Testifies on Being Told About Blac Chynas Alleged Death Threats to Kylie Jenner – E! NEWS

She is also simultaneously suing Rob for assault, battery and harassment, seeking upwards of $100 million in damages.

While on the stand on April 21, Kris testified about Rob and Chyna’s romance, describing it as “a rocky relationship from the start.” 

When asked why wasn’t she concerned about Rob’s relationship with Chyna when the Lashed Cosmetics founder had allegedly threatened to kill Kylie, Kris said she was “used to a lot of drama” in the family. As for why she never confronted Chyna about the alleged threat against Kylie, she testified, “You want to give people a second chance and we had moved on.”

“As a mom, I wanted everybody to be happy,” Kris said during her testimony, adding that Rob and Chyna “had a very rocky relationship, so we all just tried to get through it and hope for the best.”

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