LEWKIN TRY ON HAUL | trendy KOREAN FASHION, y2k, acubi, k-pop styles

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0:00 links in the description!

0:47 giveaway details in description!

1:40 outfit 1
Strapless Pleated Mini Dress BJ331 https://lewkin.info/3z6lGSb
Line High Waist Half Pants IU26 https://lewkin.info/3lNCuKz
Denim Jean Style Tube Top CA20 https://lewkin.info/3Kbj0sP

2:37 outfit 2
Pleated Shirt Dress OM302 https://lewkin.info/3KaIPsP
same as outfit 1

3:51 outfit 3
same as outfit 2
Gold Button Tweed Jacket ON11 https://lewkin.info/3zsgGrj
Golden Chain Pearl Bead Detail Mini Bag BD28 https://lewkin.info/42HvwHC

5:23 outfit 4
Cami Top & Long Sleeve Bolero Set https://lewkin.info/3JLoYz2
Straight Leg Jeans CM6 https://lewkin.info/40ahsop

6:22 outfit 5
Lettering Crop Hoodie Sweatshirt CS23 https://lewkin.info/3KcW5xj
Basic Pintuck Tailored Pants CG30 https://lewkin.info/3nobceg

6:41 outfit 6
Baggy Maxi Cargo Pants CO14 https://lewkin.info/3JPv3us

8:51 outfit 7
Lace-Up Detail Tube Top BF323 https://lewkin.info/3TKg0GM
Denim Mini Skirt Pants (Belt Set) https://lewkin.info/3TIB4h3
Sporty Zipper Crop Top CO07 https://lewkin.info/42GaCJ1

9:55 outfit 8
Light Wash Baggy Jeans BM303 https://lewkin.info/3zaeBA0
Corduroy Cap BJ331 https://lewkin.info/3lNCQkn

10:52 outfit 9
Tube Top with Inner Bra Attached CM5 https://lewkin.info/3LVYNsk
Long Trench Coat CD02 https://lewkin.info/40jGCRC

12:18 outfit 10
Slim Fit Button Cropped Shirt OS13 https://lewkin.info/3nlYUDg
Button Slit Cropped Cardigan OS13 https://lewkin.info/3Zhh8mE
Pleated Cargo Mini Skirt BO13 https://lewkin.info/3JOrnc9

13:25 outfit 11
Stripe Zipper Cropped Sweatshirt CD28 https://lewkin.info/3TJekgR
same as outfit 10

14:01 outfit 12
A-Line Mini Skirt BF323 https://lewkin.info/3lHYaaW

14:27 thumbs up for this big giveaway!


5’7″ or 170cm tall / 36″-26″-36″
leg inseam: 78cm/30.7″
mid thigh: 48cm/18.8″

frumhere, kevatta – the kid with no name – https://thmatc.co/?l=7C520E8F


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