THE PERFECT SUMMER OUTFITS 😍 Black Owned Clothing Try On Haul ✨ Klassi Boss Boutique

OK DOLLS WE FOUND THE NEW BLACK OWNED PLUG FOR THE PERFECT SUMMER OUTFITS!!! Today’s video will be a black owned clothing try on haul of the black owned business, Klassi Boss Boutique. Klassi Boss Boutique is a beautiful black owned business online with BADDIE ON A BUDGET FRIENDLY PRICESSSS YES HONEY!!! Make sure you stop buy Klassi Boss Boutique after you watch this video and see what the fuss is about. Much love dolls, happy shopping!! xoxo miss K


Klassi Boss Boutique Website




If you are a black owned business looking for exposure, I am working with black owned businesses FREE OF CHARGE right now. Don’t miss this opportunity!!

email me at for more info.

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Why should you support black businesses?
it is so important to support BLACK OWNED clothing stores in 2020. Stores like Dolls Kill and Fashion Nova have proven that they do not think that black lives matter!! It is time we take our hard earned dollars and put it back into the African American community, so that when tensions rise and things like these riots and protests happen, African American’s’ with money can donate to the Black Lives Matter funds and to the bail money go fund me’s and just put that money back into the African American community!! Black businesses matter. All of these designer companies like Marc Jacobs’ steal from Black people and black artists, black influencers, and more, and make so much money off of our visions and our fashion!! We need to begin to boycott these companies and billionaires that steal from black businesses, black creators, and black people!! They will tremendously lose money if we can successfully boycott them!! Black businesses matter!!! Black Lives Matter!!! You cannot say anything other than that and claim to not be racist after. Period.

Get informed, donate!! Spread Legitimate information, have conversations with racist friends and family, speak up!!! Use your privilege if you have any, sign petitions, boycott anti-Black Lives Matter companies and websites, share share share!!!

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I get bored of wigs WAYYY too fast. I stopped buying human hair wigs after I only wore a $200 wig for 2 days. That was the last straw for me.

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I either use my iPhone 11 pro max or a first gen Canon G7X

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