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  • Evangelin Franco

    My sister has a beautiful Winnie dog, she grow up sleeping and doing everything with my sister and her husband when the baby arrived she and her husband put the doggy out of the bedroom so no to bother baby but the doggy became so sad and depressed she wont eat and got so sick they were so scared for her life, she just wanted attention and was letting herself go! My sister just brought her back and she was so happy looking at the baby, she adored baby and was even taking care of her at the minimum sound baby made the doggy will react and call my sister to attend the baby asap! So just be careful because some doggies are very extremely sensitive and can separation can be detrimental to their sense of well being and their feelings!!!

  • M R

    I’d say for the dog situation, you’re doing the right thing and starting before the baby comes for them to be sleeping outside of the bedroom. I’d say what you’re feeling, it out of your normal, and will be an adjustment, and in the end if they are barking a bit if they see an animal, it’s a good sign that they’re on watch. It’s also good to see how things go when they baby comes, since I think it’s good to see how they will adjust and it may be better to decide whether it’s okay to just have them sleep on the floor next the baby, but again, depends on how they adjust after the new born has arrived and as you’re all adjusting to your new normal when that happens.


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